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Philippine Food Business Online Seminar

ご視聴ありがとうございました。 セミナーの視聴期間は終了いたしました。

Thank you for watching.   This webinar has ended.


This seminar will be open to the public from October 29 [9:00am] to November 6 [5:00pm].

ご視聴の言語をご選択ください。Please select a language.








 大阪市 経済戦略局(4分)





  ハイラス・マーケティング・コーポレーション CEO ロベルト C. アモーレス 氏

  (Hi-Las Marketing Corporation  CEO  Mr. Roberto C. Amores)



  株式会社富士経済 エコソリューションビジネスユニット 武林 周一郎 氏






・ブラウザ:最新バージョンのGoogle Chrome、Firefox、MS Edge、Safari、Opera





◎If you have any question to the seminar presenter(s), enter your questions from the below Q&A form.  We will individually respond to your questions as soon as we receive answers from the presenter(s). [ Q&A Form will be available until November 6 (Fri) 18:00.]

◎After watching the seminar, please answer the questionnaire from the below URL.

We will send a Download Link of seminar materials (English version) to the respondents of the questionnaire. We appreciate your cooperation in advance. 

<Today’s Program>

■Opening greetings from the organizer①

 Economic Strategy Bureau, Osaka City Government (4min.)

■Opening speech from the organizer②

 Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines(5min.)

■Presentation① “Introduction to Philippine Food Industry” (38 min.)

Mr. Roberto C. Amores, CEO,  Hi-Las Marketing Corporation

■Presentation② “Latest Trends in Food-processing Technology in Japan

~Current Situation and Future Prospect of Cutting-edge Technologies including IoT and AI in Plant Factories~(20min.)

Mr. Shuichiro Takebayashi, Eco Solutions Business Unit, Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.



●The recommended system requirements when watching the seminar are as follows.

(※We recommend that you watch this seminar from PC. )

・Internet Connection Speed : Over 700kbps

・Browser: The latest version of  Google Chrome、Firefox、MS Edge、Safari、Opera

※You will be able to watch the seminar from the old version of the above browsers. However, there is a possibility that some part of the new function does not work properly.

※Depending on the circumstances, there might be a case that you cannot watch the seminar video properly due to sudden suspension.

●Please be reminded that the seminar materials are not provided beforehand.

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