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BeautyAsia 2019, Feb. 25-27


Wonder Fulbeauty


Our President, Rino had had swelling on her face suddenly. And her skin had been rough and itchy,and hurts. She had applied a lot of skin care items and prescribed medicine but  been disappointed. It had lasted 10 years. There, she had decided to make the original skin care products. And, her special serum made her skin smooth. Carefully selected ingredients made her face beauty and her happy. Her dramatically changing amazed her friends. And they aspired her special serum for sale. Then,”Puririn fundamental gel” was born.

Our all products made in Japan and additive-free. Best for sensitive skins.


Puririn fundamental gel

Easy! Work great! All-In-One-Gel. Drastic moisturized by 5 kinds of Ceramide rejuvenate skin cells. Natural damask rose aroma heals your mind.

Category: Cosmetics


Toliina essential serum shower

Toliina is serum with whitening, and brightening effects.

Proteoglycan, arbutin, APPS, EGF, fulvic acid and other 40 kinds of beauty ingredients make brighter skin. Toliina also contains elastin, collagen, geranium robertianum and 15kinds of oriental plant. Damask rose water refresh your mind.

Category: Cosmetics


美仁® Bejin treatment protector cream 25

Serum Foundation SPF25 for makeup base or foundation.

Born of Puririn and Toliina. There are 58 kinds of beauty ingredients in it. Bejin protect skin from ultraviolet ray, PM2.5 and pollen. And Bejin care and moisturize skin.

Category: Cosmetics


Risetto enrich liquid soap

Risetto is potash soap add carefully selected beauty components.

For face, body, and hair. A small amount Risetto become creamy and fine bubbly and washing very softly. After washing, skin is moisturized, blightening and smooth.

Category: Cosmetics


Wonder Fulbeauty ltd,

Ms. Rio Tokuyama


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