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BeautyAsia 2018, Feb. 26-28


To make as many women beautiful as possible… Since 1945, we have long been looking into the beauty of bare skin in conjunction with beauty salons.

SEVEN TWO SEVEN CO., LTD. is welcoming 73th year since founded in 1945 as a manufacture of facial cosmetics.
Consistently we have been carrying out our original basic intention from R&D, manufacturing, sales, training capabilities of sales staffs and obtained a number of process patents all in order to provide high-quality cosmetic products.
As Cosmetics for face, we are the most sales in beauty industry for salons in Japan.
We have been exporting our products to Singapore for more than 40 years.



An all-purpose facial equipment that combines China's traditional beauty method, “kassa,” with ions and thermal sensation.
It is equipped with ion-introduction functions that pick up minute impurities and permeate beauty serums deep into the skin, as well as thermal sensation functions that warm and relax the skin.
This equipment's meticulously-crafted design will make you look even more beautiful just by holding it.

Category: Beauty Care (Home Use), Cosmetics



The future of skin is now making. The new stage of skin care. Feel the emotion of the beauty.

Mist-form serum that fulfill every deep parts of stratum corneum with moisture, counteract the skin for next skin care.

Category: Cosmetics, Skin Care

Loele Blanc White Cleansing, White Lotion, White Serum, White UV Cream, White Deep Cream


As quasi-medicine, it had been approved that contained only one kind of active ingredient for whitening till then.

It was first approved in Japan by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that contained two kinds of active ingredients for whitening.   24 hours full-time Whiting.

Category: Pharmaceutical product, Skin Care

727 Lanlay Plenary Cleansing, LOTION, Milk, Cream, Toning Lotion

LANLAY Plenary

Organic cosmetics made from the raw material which certificated with ECOCERT in France.

Category: Cosmetics, Skin Care

727 Secure Wrinkle Lotion, Wrinkle Serum, Wrinkle Mask, Eye Cream


Signs of aging significantly affects one's apparent age.

Our product's unique formula is a derivative of our skin natural metabolism mechanism.

The products are effective for wrinkles. 

Category: Cosmetics, Skin Care



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