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BeautyAsia 2017, Feb. 20-23


Quality mind and body.

Grant E One's focuses on women's desire to want to be beautiful. "Sexy mood" appears in one's gestures, and gestures are affected by one's emotion. That is why, not worrying about your age, the desire to be beautiful at any age is a "prerequisite" and a "barometer" for a beautiful woman.

Attivo Hi-Socks(Unisex)

Grant E One's Co., Ltd.

Double action: strong stage compres-sion and far infrared radiation.
Light and smooth while supporting beautiful legs!
Made from 520d high support thread, this sock fully supports a slim leg with a stage compression design that starts from the ankle and reaches up through the calf. The space for the foot and the toes are soft and offer a tight feeling, preventing wedging. It also maintains heat thanks to the far infrared radiation, a special feature of PhotoelectroR fiber.

Category: Footcare


Grant E One's Co., Ltd.

Natural taurine (extracted from natural raw materials)
Power taurine will be 100% natural taurine. Natural taurine is difficult to obtain and almost never be handled overseas.Our raw materials are the same raw materials as taurine used for baby's milk in Japan. Most of the taurineproducts released in other countries are not natural taurine raw materials but chemical synthetic products.Its function has various functions related to beauty andhealth, including homeostatic maintenance function. (About 30000 academic papers have been published worldwide.)

Category: Healthfood


Grant E One's Co., Ltd.

Rather than adversely affecting the human body.
Low-dose radiation ionizes moisture in the cell to generate negative ions, Which eventually leads to cell activation, promotion of natural healing power, promotion of blood flow, Enhancement of metabolism It shows its effect.
This hormesis effect is attracting high attention in the field of alternative medicine.

Category: Healthcare


Grant E One's Co., Ltd.

Mr. Masashi Kakihira

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