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BeautyAsia 2019, Feb. 25-27


G.O Holdings Inc.

Popular in Japan! Men's cosmetic product "NULL" and sunscreen "NALC"

Ranked high in Amazon Japan and Rakuten! Its hair-removal products such as hair-removal crème and Brazilian wax for men, skincare products for men and its unisex sunscreen ranked Number 1. The company plans to enhance general exports overseas and cross-border EC.  


NULL Remover Cream

●This product is a hair-removal cream especially

for men. 

●Smooth skin in only 5 minutes!

●With its moisturizing ingredient, the product not

only removes hair but also gives moisture to the


●It is a popular product with monthly shipments exceeding 15,000.

This is for men all over Japan who are concerned about unwanted hair! You apply the crème to the area concerned, and just wipe off! Easy to use for anyone and it makes your skin very smooth. 
It is a hair-removal crème produced within Japan containing moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract, making your skin smooth and moist even after hair removal. The distinctive scent of hair-removal creme has been eliminated to the extent possible and the product contains green floral scent so that the user can remove hair in a refreshed, relaxed mood. 

Category: Personal Grooming Product


NULL Brazilian Honey sugar Wax

●This product is a Brazilian hair-removal wax

specialized for men. It was developed by adjusting the viscosity and ingredients for men with bristly hair.

●Differently from the hair-removal cream, it can be used also on pubic hair.

●It is made from natural ingredients only and is gentle to your body. 

●It was featured on "Narumi and Okamura's Sugiru TV" in July 2017 and became a big hit.  We shipped 30,000 of them in the past year!

●Ranked Number 1 many times in Rakuten/Amazon rankings, ranking higher than items for women.


This is a Brazilian hair-removal wax set that is perfect for men who are concerned about their unwanted hair. For arms, legs, chest and pubic hair. It can be used on any part of your body other than the face. Made from natural ingredients, the product removes your unwanted hair without hurting your skin. It is water-soluble and best for self hair-removal at home. 

Category: Personal Grooming Product


NALC Perfect Waterproof Sunscreen

●This product is a sunscreen gel that protects the skin from tanning, even on the beach.

●Achieved Number 1 in Rakuten's comprehensive ranking. 

●This sunscreen, produced by 2018's latest technology  "three-phase emulsification method," is very water resistant. 

The product characteristics are SPF 50+ and PA++++ it has already acquired and perfect water-proof, extremely strong on water. Because it has been emulsified by the new technology "three-phase emulsification method," it is difficult to re-emulsify and extremely difficult to remove with water. It spreads well, does not whiten and is not too sticky. It contains hyaluronic acid and helps prevent skin damage after being sunburned. 

Category: Skin Care  


NULL Acne Block

Face Wash

●Achieved Number 1 in Amazon's "Liquid/Crème-type Facewash: New product ranking." 

●This product is a face wash with particular focus on preventing pimples and on keeping the face beautiful. 

●It is a quasi-drug approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. 

●It prevents pimples and razor burns.

With its elastic foam, the product gently cleanses the skin and prevents pimples/skin problems. It contains Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke) Leaf Extract, Coix Lacryma-Jobi (Job's Tears) Seed Extract and Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract, to moisturize the skin after cleansing.  It is gentle to the skin with its 6 non-additive conditions: Free from synthetic dyes, mineral oils, synthetic perfumes and flavorings, paraben, petroleum surfactant agents and alcohol.  The scent is refreshing lime citrus, for a healing bath time. 

Category: Skin Care  


NULL All-In-One Gel

●This product is all-in-one gel that acts as a skin lotion, beauty serum, emulsion and acne prevention (contains salicylic acid).

●Simple skin care twice a day in the morning and at night time. 

●It is non-sticky with a refreshing citrus scent. 

 This product is an all-in-one gel specialized for men and contains Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract. It can be used by those who have never used men's skincare products before and can be applied after shaving. 
This provides the usual skincare effects in just one product. 
Can act as a skin lotion, beauty serum, emulsion, creme and face pack in just one product. 

Category: Skin Care  


G.O Holdings Inc

Mr. Munenori Tanitsuji


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