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BeautyAsia 2019, Feb. 25-27


Deep Impact Co., ltd.

Cosmetic product "Nahls" containing anti-ageing ingredient "Nahlsgen" developed by Kyoto University, which has produced 10 Nobelists. 

At our company, those who have worked in major pharmaceutical companies have been involved in supporting the development of pharmaceutical products, but we have also become involved in developing cosmetics products to utilize the benefits of scientifically-proven anti-ageing ingredient "Nahlsgen." 
Targeting anti-ageing generations at least 30, the company is developing made-in-Japan cosmetic products that are safe and effective for users.  
All 5 products contain Nahlsgen at the recommended concentration level.


Nahls Pure

Anti-aging lotion

For Anti-aging (Laugh line, Wrinkle, Pores, Slack, Smear etc)

First Product of Nahls.

Got Ranking No1 in @cosme

Most popular among Nahls

Category: Cosmetics


Nahls Neo

Anti-Aging essence (Laugh line, Wrinkle , Pores , Slack ,Smear etc)

Dense cosmetic ingredients (ex,Neadarmyl,Gold)

Neodarmyl won Golden innovation award at

” in-cosmetics in Paris 2013“ that is global exhibition of cosmetic ingredient

Category: Cosmetics


Nahls Univer

Anti-Aging face cream(Laugh line, Wrinkle , Pores , Slack ,Smear etc)

The product is a crème containing ceramide, which has a fresh, moist texture. 

Category: Cosmetics


Nahls Passion

Anti-Aging face mask(Laugh line, Wrinkle , Pores , Slack ,Smear etc)

It is a mask made of biocellulose, which is the same ingredient as the raw material of nata de coco.
It has a high anti-ageing effect with high adhesion and does not come off with movement.

Category: Cosmetics


Nahls Veil

Makeup base&Sunscreen.

This new product is to be launched in February 2019.

UV scattering agent.

It provides anti-ageing effects and can be used on dry or sensitive skins.

Category: Cosmetics


Deep Impact Co.,LTD

Mr. YuMing Zhang


(Y*M contract club, Asian agent

 for Nahls anti-aging skin care products)

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