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BeautyAsia 2018, Feb. 26-28


High quality Japanese cosmetics and supplements

November of 2016 marked our 25th anniversary. We have consistently been specializing in beauty and health, and creating products that are high in functionality.

Nat-Kali Balance EX

This product is a functional supplement that aids your dieting with 3 effects. 1: Potassium in the product reduces swelling. 2: Indigestible dextrin cuts down on the absorption of unnecessary carbohydrates and fats. 3: Digezime (an enzyme) and agarwood leaf extract aid digestion and relieve constipation.

Category: Health Food / Supplement 

Fairy Cover

A base cream that is nothing like anything you have felt before. It fills in pores and rough skin on your face, making it look brighter. By using it before applying foundation, it makes your usual makeup routine even more effective. Those around you will likely say that you look younger or that your skin looks brighter.

Category: Cosmetics


This product is characterized by how your eyelashes will grow by leaps and bounds after using it for approximately 2 to 3 weeks. You will be able to enjoy being fashionable with your lashes than ever before. It is a popular brush-type product that is convenient and effective for  eyelash growth, where all you have to do is apply it once a day to your eyes, at the base of your lashes, before sleeping.

Category: Cosmetics


This product is characterized by the two fragrances that it is available in, strawberry rose and apple jasmine, as well as the product's brush, which makes application easy. It contains aloe vera produced in Okinawa's Miyakojima, and is being sold in Japan in locations such as LOFT. Part of its sales is donated to an NPO organization that is working to protect coral reefs in Okinawa.

Category: Beauty Care (Home Use)

Climer EX

This product contains marine-derived components such as collagen (fish-derived), chondroitin (shark's fin components), and proteoglycan (nasal cartilage of salmon). It improves the elasticity and bounce of your skin, gives your skin brightness, and provides care for nails and hair. It contains wild yam, which adjusts your hormone balance. Many women who are in their 40s or older are taking it regularly.

Category: Health Food / Supplement



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