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BeautyAsia 2018, Feb. 26-28


Geol Chemical Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics manufacturer that has been pursuing women's beauty though cutting-edge skincare research since its establishment in 1957.

Geol Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1957 at the same time that it started sales of a beauty product which contained the independently developed beauty component called “Gold colloid.” Afterwards, we have consistently put our all into skincare research through cosmetic ingredient and pharmaceutical development.

Geol Crystal 60

Geol Cosmetics

A beauty gel that is characterized by its two-layer structure. The inner layer and the outer layer are comprised of two distinct types of gels that work quickly to combat discolorations/wrinkles in the skin (received the Japanese Patent, and has applied for the International Patent).

Category: Cosmetics, Skin Care

Rose Heart Cosmetics

Rose Heart Cosmetics

This is a cosmetics brand that offers 11 products. It is known for its powerful problem-combating skincare using 2 types of independently-developed components (“Gold Colloid” and “Mushroom Ferment Extract”).

Category: Cosmetics, Skin Care

OEM Production Service

Our skincare cosmetics are produced in a company factory that has obtained the Japanese ISO9001. 
We are seeking (overseas) distributors for our company's products. We also conduct OEM production for your company's cosmetics.

Category: Contract Manufacturing / Private Label, Cosmetics, Hair Care (Home Use), Pharmaceutical Product, Skin Care


Mr. Morimura Keiji

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