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BeautyAsia 2019, Feb. 25-27


Belle Coeur Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Cosmetic Factory from Hokkaido, Japan since 1985. OEM from 50pc. 

We, Belle Coeur Laboratory Co.,Ltd, are cosmetic manufacturer. We have manufactured skincare products to domestic beauty salon owner for 30 years. We supply unique, high functional and effective skincare cosmetics (with anti-oxidation, anti-acne, skin brightening (whitening), anti-wrinkle etc. to customers.


Our service to customer:

  ☑ODM/OEM (MOQ 50pc)

  ☑Cosmetic Formulation by clinical evidence

  ☑Documents for export (GMP,CFS,Certificate of origin, CoA etc..)

  ☑Language support(English Chinese)

  ☑OEM experience: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Ukraine, Thailand, China(Mainland) etc..

IHEA In-Free Cream
(Sliming Cream)
300g /1000g

Belle Coeur

●Sliming approach to muscle fibers strengthen.

●Cellulite burning

●Skin healthy glow.


Functional cosmetic

 ☑Clinical Evidence

 ☑Lift up for face(small face)

 ☑For Professional use

 ☑hand massage & Combination with any beauty  


Category: Cosmetics

Cell Plus Eyelash.png
Cell Plus Eye Lash

Belle Coeur

●Becomes your eyelashes longer.

●Gives your eyelashes nourishment


Functional Hair growth product (cosmetic)

 ☑OEM - MOQ 50pcs

Category: Cosmetics

Sakura Series
 (Lotion 110mL & Gel cream 30g)

Belle Coeur

● Whitening ,Skin brightening, Anti-wrinkle

● Concept “Traditional Japan” product

 SAKURA(Japan),UME ((Japanese apricot) from Japan

 Sea berry, Haskap, Hatomugi from Hokkaido

Concept-Functional cosmetic

 ☑Clinical Evidence

 ☑OEM –MOQ 50pcs

Category: Cosmetics

Fuller Belle C60 Skincare
 Lotion 100mL, Essence 30mL, Cream 30g

Belle Coeur

●“Fullerene 1%”-Anti-oxidation effect is 172 times as  

 high as that of vitaminC.

●Excellent for whitening, anti-aging and preventing

 various skin problems.


High-Functional Cosmetic (Fullerene 1% )

 ☑Clinical Evidence

 ☑OEM –MOQ 50pcs

Category: Cosmetics

Fuller Belle C60 series.png
High Pure 100  (150mL)

Belle Coeur

●Best-selling moisturizer.

●Hyaluronic acid helps retaining your skin sufficient


●Protect skin from drying out.


Easy concept cosmetic - Moisturizer

 ☑OEM - MOQ 50pcs

Category: Cosmetics


Belle Coeur Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hitomi Kobayakawa


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