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In order to make every woman's wish to stay young and beautiful come true, we provide cosmetics and beauty products created by making full use of the latest technology of Japan. 



Foundation garment

(Body shaper/leggings)


Encourage muscles and create a body that can burn calories easily! By putting pressure on muscles that are slackened easily, your body will become fitter and your metabolism will improve! This foundation garment is fashionable and can be worn by women in their 20's and we are sure the product will play an important role as body-shaping fashion especially in Asia where there are many young women. We are also confident with the quality of the product as it is all made in Japan, manufactured at a garment factory in Japan.  





Re-born system

Beauty injections without needle.
This product can be provided to those who were hesitant about trying traditional beauty injections with needles, as this is a non-contact treatment and therefore without the pain of needles and bleeding. 
With its high-pressure jet at the sonic speed level and nanotechnology, the product will deliver effective ingredients to deep inside your skin.
The depth level is 0.2-0.3 mm and effective ingredients will be delivered to the layer where such ingredients work most efficiently. 




Category:Beauty Salon (Professional Use)

Cell Generator

Re-born system

Your skin will be reborn. This serum will rejuvenate you more and more. This series is a cosmetic series using Japanese cutting edge technology. Miracles essence containing human stem cells and proteoglycan of patent ingredients, including the world's first amniotic concentrate developed by doctor of regenerative medicine in Japan, and autophagy serum which won the Nobel prize in 2016.


人体干细胞, 增添2016年获得诺贝尔奖的自食细胞功能,我司将人体干细胞美容液产品系列化。

Category: Cosmetics

AYAMI series


In Japan, the product is only sold to beauty treatment salon/medical institutions.
Three types of growth factors and brightening ingredients will create youthful skin with translucence. 
The product is a non-paraben, mineral oil-free, color-free, fragrance-free brightening anti-ageing cosmetic gentle on the skin and well-received in Vietnam, China and Thailand where we test-launched the product. 




Category: Cosmetics

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Stone power cream for FACE

In Japan, the product is mainly sold at beauty treatment salons.
This cream is best for those who wish to have a small face, who want to do something with face bloating, and who want to make their nasolabial folds look less visible.
Furthermore, black tourmaline will revitalize skin cells, accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.




Category:Beauty Salon (Professional Use)

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Beauty leg cream

In Japan, the product is sold mainly at beauty treatment salons and relaxation salons, and for overseas, the product is sold to spa salons at events in Vietnam.
The power of red tourmaline will relax muscles and revitalize metabolism!
This product is loved by famous celebrities in Japan and with excellent effectivity on bloating.
Its soft rose scent provides a healing effect. 





Category:Beauty Salon (Professional Use)


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